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Client Marketing provides Marketing Services to companies of all sizes and all sectors.

We specialise in sales training provider, sales and marketing consultancy and delivers all the marketing services you need in our Marketing Tool Box.

We take our clients on a journey to achieve their business goals.

What does this all mean in plain English?

We are a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, approachable Yorkshire company with a unique way of working with clients that will make a measurable difference to a company or organisation by providing the best hands on Sales Training combined with Strategic Sales and Marketing advice and the delivery of initiatives.

We deliver the highest quality sales and marketing services and very personal care for Marketing | Sales Training | Sales Strategy | Marketing Services & International or Export sales


At Client Marketing we support clients who often don’t have a full internal marketing function but still need professional help to grow their business through effective marketing.

Our unique process with clients works through Six Simple Steps to Success to ensure we don’t waste their investment and focus, before committing any funds to their marketing, sales and communications.


Client Marketing has designed a number of practical sales training courses to help clients grow their sales. The popular one day Basic sales skills is designed for those clients who want to hone their knowledge or sales skills or pick up valuable tips.

The Basic Marketing course is for the client who needs more practical help with his marketing skills, processes and strategy. Social Media is another popular course for the business owner.


We also provide all your marketing requirements all under one roof by providing a one stop shop called the marketing tool box which is tailored made for those businesses that are; Starting a business Not yet mastered social media Need the help of a marketing professional.

The Marketing tool box includes High quality Website & Hosting Logo & Company Branding Promotional flyers and business cards Telemarketing calls to business customers Social Media professional to manage your accounts Help of a dedicated qualified marketing expert to write a plan and guide you and help you. We like to think that our partnership with our clients and those who profit from our experience underscores how we can deliver positive results that ensure a long-term relationship.