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Client Marketing provides a wide portfolio of training courses suitable for any company who wish to develop their staff in all aspects of business development.

We design training courses and personalise the course content to our client’s specific needs.
We believe that investing in the skills of your team is an investment that will produce a return.
We will help to ensure that your investment in training is paid back many times over with increased revenue.

Client Marketing have worked extensively with a number of clients from a wide range of industries both in the UK and overseas delivering professional, high quality sales and marketing training courses. Our team of specialised training consultants all have extensive experience in senior sales roles which allows them to bring a wealth of industry capability to each individual training course.

We have worked with a number of businesses in the following areas:

  • Business To Business
  • Business To Consumer
  • Selling via a 3rd party channel & distribution management
  • Customer Service & telephone training
  • Networking For Sales & Marketing Professionals

Our training is renowned for being practical, hands on and most importantly fun whilst providing tried and tested solutions to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in offering training that will help your staff tackle the obstacles and issues they will encounter on a daily basis and give them a practical perspective to overcome these problems.

We provide three main training programmes

In-House Sales Training

This is a tailored course specifically for your requirements, which can be delivered at a venue of your choice. Our bespoke in-house sales training can be anything from a 1 day overview, through to a 2 day training programme or indeed you may require a sales development programme to be undertaken over several months.

Open Sales Courses

These courses run at several venues throughout the region and are designed for every level of the sales professional from new starters to sales managers and provide delegates with the sales processes and techniques to perform effectively in their role.

121 Sales Coaching

Our sales training specialists will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you personally tackle the sales challenges and demands you will encounter on a daily basis in your role. This may well involve joint customer visits to clients and bespoke sales training and take place in the work place or in the field.

For further information on our open sales training courses or to enquire about our bespoke in-house training programmes, call now on 07721 480249 or email