Great Business Apps to Use for Small Companies ( and free)

Business Apps

We live in an exciting time to be a small business owner.

Even if you are not a geek its exciting that technology continues to introduce new tools and functionalities that make virtually each and every aspect of business management more simple and efficient.

Small business apps and tools are opening new horizons of growth and only a few years ago, business owners had to struggle with tasks that were beyond their professional expertise, or otherwise outsource them and spend too much!

Today, we can do so much themselves, like creating a website for their businesses, taking bookings and payments, managing complex budgets and buying and selling.

Mobile technology has allowed even more liberation, as small business owners can now manage their businesses anytime and anywhere. This is the archetypal “game changer” for many professionals in a large variety of different business areas.

There is always a catch…. With so many amazing tools available out there, how can you keep track of all of them and choose which ones to incorporate into your workday?

In part one of our blog you will find below a list of exceptionally smart apps created to support business owners with running their operations’ successfully.


The leading mobile wallet app that is transforming how small businesses process credit card payments and how customers complete purchases. Using the app interface and a convenient card reader, Square provides the ultimate transaction solution that is loved by both business owners and their clients.

Google Analytics

Keep track of your website’s performance stats straight from your mobile device. Google Analytics is an extremely informative platform for measuring and analysing data about your visitors and their behaviour while visiting your site. Monitoring sources of traffic and the quality of visits that they produce provides valuable information about your site’s strengths and weaknesses. You can leverage this information into content and marketing strategy to increase traction and expand your business’ reach.

How does a Google search work?
How does a Google search work?

Google Calendar

There are many calendar apps but Google Calendar is one of the best available, and it is also entirely free. While desktop users still manage their Google Calendar through their Google Account, mobile users now enjoy a stand-alone app, which makes it even more convenient.


Do you need immediate access to documents, images and other media? The Dropbox mobile app is an excellent way to carry the entirety of your cloud storage in your pocket. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes it highly convenient. And it’s not just a storage app. Your entire team can access the files, add comments and edits and collaborate dynamically.


Social media marketing is by now an inseparable part of small business management. It can get distracting, though, especially when you are trying to spin many plates and that’s just what Buffer is for. This app integrates your social channels into one place and allows you to schedule posts across all of them. You can plan your social posts ahead of time, queue them all nicely and analyse their performance.

Social Media


Having a hard time keeping track of your business expense? You’re not alone. But there’s hope! Whether you’re on the road or in your office, Expensify will help you record your expenses by integrating real-time receipt capturing, credit card reports, mileage tracking and more. This app will make accounting easier, support you during the busy tax season and help save some money too!

In next week’s blog we are going to finish our list of small business apps and would welcome feedback if you have a few that have worked for you



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